Paul Akinola

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Paul Akinola
Growth | Demand Generation
Predictable Revenue Designer
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    United Kingdom
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  • Funnel Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Attribution and Analytics
  • Reporting

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Traffic and Audiences

Once a target audience has been defined and leveraged,  the next step is to identify the most appropriate platform and, develop the most effective methodology for reaching them at the lowest possible cost.

Customer Journeys

From curating a remarkable first-time user experience
(FTUE) that ultimately leads to a customer becoming a brand
evangelist through interactive user experience, engagement,
and conversations.

Offer Ladders

Exploring product designs that are appropriate for the intended
audience. Curating the best fit from Gain and Pain principles
in order to create a unique selling proposition and competitive

Campaign Automations

Designing and implementing campaign automations using meticulously crafted funnels that keep clients in a predetermined pipeline throughout their lifecycle which is crucial to sales, average
order size, and retention.

Sales and Retention System

From MQL to SOL, through the lead scoring system, to generate not only revenues but also repeat sales and customer retention. Developing a referral and affliate system to increase relevance, customers' involvement and eliminate churn.

Attribution and Analytics

The customer journey must be very personal, visible and trackable. What part of our marketing budget is working, so that we can scale, and what part is not, so that we can optimize or kill.  From this, we can create predictability.

Martech Tools

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Ama Apakama
Ama Apakama
Head of Market Intelligence

Paul is respectful and trustworthy. It's important to recognise how he is intentional about honouring his superiors, colleagues and downlines.

He is particular about fighting for the welfare of his team and pushes them to not only produce their best but to go the extra mile for the company. He is easy to engage, open to learning from colleagues and works hard to help identify the value others bring to the table. Paul is a gentleman, well-rounded individual and astute gentleman

Ololade Obembe
Ololade Obembe
Email Marketing Specialist

Mr. Paul Akinola has established himself as an exceptional manager with an innate ability to build and lead strong teams. His dedication to his team members is evident in his approach to putting their needs first, allowing them to excel in their roles.

Moreover, Mr. Akinola is a forward-thinking visionary with a deep understanding of the global market. His valuable insights and unique perspectives make him a valuable asset for any organization seeking to expand its reach.

Winnie Awinador-Kanyirige
Winnie Awinador-Kanyirige
Social Media and Community Manager

I have had the privilege of working with Paul, and I can confidently say that he is one of the most inspiring individuals I've ever met. He is a firm believer in the power of a positive mindset and discipline. He continuously pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I am fortunate to have had him as a boss and mentor.

Paul has a unique ability to inspire and motivate his team to achieve great things. He leads by example, showing us what is possible with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset. Under his guidance, I learned that what might seem impossible can be achieved by changing your mindset and being disciplined. He demonstrated this through his own actions, as he consistently set ambitious goals and then worked tirelessly to achieve them. Paul is an exceptional leader who is always approachable, supportive, and encouraging. He has a unique ability to bring out the best in people and motivate them to reach their full potential. I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and work with him and would highly recommend him as a mentor and leader to anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

Oluwasegun Edun Joseph
Oluwasegun Edun Joseph
Backend web developer

Mr. Paul Akinola's empathy is one to be emulated, he creates a healthy work environment where every of his team members can work without feeling out of place.

He pushes for excellence and also strives to see his teammates excel not only in their work but also outside of their professional duties.

Prince Arnold Mortagbe
Prince Arnold Mortagbe
Senior Business Coach

During his time at Oze Limited, Paul consistently demonstrated exceptional marketing acumen and strategic thinking. He was responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies that significantly contributed to the company's growth and success. Paul's innovative approach to marketing and his ability to analyze market trends and consumer behavior helped Oze Limited achieve remarkable results in a highly competitive industry.
Paul's leadership skills were also evident in his management of the marketing team at Oze Limited. He fostered a collaborative and inclusive work environment, empowering his team members to excel in their roles. He provided guidance, mentorship, and support, and was always approachable and open to feedback. Paul's excellent communication skills and ability to motivate his team resulted in increased productivity and efficiency within the marketing department.
In addition to his strategic and leadership skills, Paul is a creative thinker and a skilled communicator. He has a keen eye for detail and consistently produces high-quality marketing materials, including digital campaigns, content marketing, social media campaigns, and more. His ability to craft compelling marketing messages and engage with customers across various platforms is truly impressive.

Anthony Okechukwu
Anthony Okechukwu
Search Engine Specialist

Ever heard of an expert in a field that's also great with people? Paul is that guy.

Apart from being skilled at what he does, he's an excellent manager who constantly seeks the improvement and elevation of his team members
Paul is result driven and will get you the agreed numbers by remaining passionate about your business and doing what needs to be done. It is my utmost belief that any organization or business would achieve great things with him at the helm

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